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Will there be a sixth member?

April 26, 2012

That’s the rumor going around- that 365 might welcome a new member. In the video below, Isaac asks: “I wonder when we’ll get to meet him.” Jun and S.T are seen screaming “A new friend, a new friend!!”


I actually like 365 as a five member group, but we’ll have to wait and see.


365 featured in Thailand’s OK! Magazine.

April 26, 2012

Here is the translation of the text from 365’s Facebook:

“V-Pop’s New Wave
A dark horse that should not be overlooked when talking about V-Pop’s New Wave from our neighbouring country like Vietnam, this boy band has passed the test in both their talent and their look! They are ‘365 daband’, the hottest boy band in Vietnam. Leading the good looking pack with Isaac, Will, ST, Jun and Tronie, we can guarantee their degree of hotness from the screaming sound of the Vietnamese girls and their packed schedules. They recently visited Thailand for their second commercial shoot, after a successful first one. Too bad they only had a short period of time in Thailand, especially Isaac, the handsome leader, who spent less than 24 hours in Bangkok because of his movie engagement. Nevertheless, OK! Was able to snap a few behind the scene pictures of the boys for everyone to see.”

Happy Vietnamese New Year!!

January 25, 2012

Vietnamese new year started on the 23rd and it’s probably ending in VietNam right now (there are only three days). Just in case you missed it last year, here is 365’s video to celebrate the new year.

I’ve also come across 365’s new year photos and thought I should share.

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Tronie’s and Isaac’s new year photos

January 25, 2012

Jun posted his photos for Vietnamese new year a couple of weeks ago, and Tronie and Isaac followed.

Isaac uploaded his pictures with the caption:

Ai cũng có hình mới. Isaac thì không, đành share hình cũ vậy :))

which can be translated to:

Everyone has a picture, but not me. I’ll have to share an old photo then.

I haven’t seen S.T or Will post their picture up. :/

Isaac broke two fingers while practicing + 365 does charity work

January 12, 2012

While practicing for their new song, “I let you down,” Isaac could not manage his weight while doing a somersault/flip and broke two fingers. His hand was swelling, but he was determined to practice and perfect the performance for the ZMAs.

Despite of being injured, Isaac and 365 were able to put on a spectacular live performance AND help out needy children with heart diseases. Check out the images below.

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Jun’s adorable pictures for Vietnamese New Year

January 12, 2012
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These pictures were posted on 365’s Facebook about an hour ago for Vietnamese new year. I thought I would share this with you guys since Jun looks very cute!

365’s performance at the ZMAs

January 12, 2012

I’ve posted the fancam version of the performance, but someone just recently uploaded the actual live one.
video – tin312lovely

Even though the boys didn’t win for the “Most loved group” category, they won the hearts of the audience there that night with this performance. I think this is a very good live. I hope everyone enjoyed watching this. 🙂