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[More] Exciting news for Stellaris!!

December 22, 2010

After the great debut with their MV ‘Awakening’ , 365 is believed to be a new wave and a trend-setter to shine their way into  higher level for Vietnamese music industry; all credits are to VAA- Vietnam Artist Agency (a talent agency founded by Vietnamese celebrated actress/model/singer Ngô Thanh Vân), where 365 was born.

Due to the amazing and outstanding talents of the 365 boys, comparing to the current V-pop, VAA has been getting countless praises from their fans as well as from several successful Vietnamese musicians of the earlier generation!

At this point, I believe that Stellaris are still drunk from ‘Awakening’ and we all are waiting for what kind of magic 365 is going to cast, right? Well, get yourself together and be prepared for more excitement because 365 has given us a sneak peek about their new song!

Translated: Wish you all a great day. Love everyone so very much. 365 is practicing for the new song. Tonight, big family (meaning VAA) will go to TRON premier ( hehe, it’s similar to Tronie’s name :”> ) Ah, 365 Radio will reopen next week, please nominate the songs you want 365 cover by Japanese, English, Chinese or Vietnamese on 365 forums

I am so excited!! What do you think the up coming song from 365 would be about?? -Love? Live? Friendship? Maybe Stellaris?

Either way, I’m still looking forward into it!!!!

Bonus: 365 at TRON Legacy

365 boys with Ngô Thanh Vân and Johny Trí Nguyễn



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