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365 performs “Awakening” live!

December 27, 2010

I’ll be honest and say the performance was a little out of place, but definately not bad. You can sense the nervousness from the members at the beginning but the rest of the perfomance was pretty good. It’s understandable because it is their first stage and the opening performance for the show.
After watching the video, the members expressed their disappointment with the audio and their performance. There was some arguments going on and some compared 365’s snging to other artists there that night. Of course, Stellars came to their defense and said the other artists lipsynced. To that, Isaac wrote a response telling them to stop arguing.

[Isaac] Everyone, stop arguing. 365 knows we are not perfect and we have to try harder. On behalf on 365, I (Isaac), with the position as leader, would like to apologize to Stellars for disappointing you guys. Please stop arguing on here. Whoever lipsync, sing live, only they would know. 365 does not worry about this problem. We will try our best so our next performance will be better than today!

There’s no need to apologize, Isaac. We are proud of 365. Props to them for singing live, even with Tronie being ill. 😀
Check out images from the waiting room.
365 debut performance waiting room
365 debut performance waiting room
365 debut performance waiting room
365 debut performance waiting room
365 debut performance waiting room
365 debut performance waiting room
Sign me up for one of those Stellaris jackets, I want one!
For more images, visit their Facebook page.

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  1. December 27, 2010 2:45 PM

    well, at the first minute and a half, I have to say that I’m very impressed and proud of them. They sound pretty nice and their voices are 85% to 90% exactly like how we can hear from their MV. The thing that I’m most amazed with is that they don’t use the recorded backup voices, but they do everything live O__O (oh, of course except the melody and the beat).You can definitely tell that 365’s voices are standing out from everything else.
    I mean, I’ve seen most of the musicians, popular to not, have to use recorded backup voices for at least the chorus; but it’s so cool that 365 mostly doesn’t rely on those! That’s a great thing!!
    All they have to do is to practice more and more. Also, be more confident! 😀

    — Good job, loves 🙂

    – Hey, why don’t you sub these performances ^___^

  2. Anon permalink
    February 19, 2011 5:47 AM

    Hahaha I LOLd at the end when I saw older adults clapping.. It’s probably
    Music they’re not use to but anyways, here’s my critique. For their debut stage, they did a good job. True it wasn’t the best but hey, they can only improve from here. The thing with choreographed routines is that when it’s too choreographed, it seems to lack energy.. which is what I saw here. The stage was so big too but due to the choreo, they were so restrained which didnt really capture the full energy of the performance or song. It kind of seemed like they were thinking about the steps too much that it didn’t flow naturally. The audio was decent.. Some bits were too quiet but I’ll blame that on the mic probably. The guys pulled it off well in my opinion. Super impressed they sang it without backing voice track, so they did well. 365 co len

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