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Here it is!

September 7, 2011

The MV for “Let’s go party” featuring Tronie and Will was released today (yesterday) in VietNam. The video features other 365 members and some VAA trainees. I must say, Will’s rap is pretty good. Tronie’s rap is pretty amazing as well.
Check it out:
Video: thaotran1511

The uploader cut off the ending, so if you want to view the whole MV, click here.

Composed by: Addy Tran
Performed by: Addy Tran, Will 365daband, Tronie 365daband

Music video:
Creative Director: Ngô Thanh Vân
Co-director: Khểnh
Producers: Ngô Thanh Vân, Khểnh
Executive Producers: Roy Phạm, Samantha Nguyên Trần
Cinematographer: Khểnh
2nd cameramen: TanDS Le, Andy Chang
Artist manager: Tâm Quách
Editor: 84 Production
Project Assistant: Ánh Nguyễn
Make-up Artist: Hàng Dật Quyên
Behind the scenes: Vghost

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