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365 in skirts and Isaac rapping to “Super Bass”?

January 9, 2012

Don’t worry, it was for their first live concert that took place last year in December. The concert marked their 1 year anniversary since debuting.

“Super bass” performance:

There were guest appearances by two very famous VietNamese singers, Dong Nhi and Van Mai Huong.

Dong Nhi:
video – LoLaZoeLL
video – trongveoTV
Van Mai Huong:
video – LoLaZoeLL

The group also performed their hit songs and songs from their new album, The Love Box.
Here are some of many memorable performances I’ve found:
video – hongoctuan92
^I really like that performance because Stellars are singing along. 🙂
video – LoLaZoeLL
video – LoLaZoeLL

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  1. January 13, 2013 6:23 AM

    The videos are extremely blurry and pixelated. I could see basically nothing -_- But thanks.for uploading though :].

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