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People/Words to know

Words to know:
út – the youngest member of a family, or in this case, group.
chị – sister. It also refers to an older girl who isn’t related to you.
bạn – friend.
bé bỏng – child-like. This is how Isaac describe Will.
cố lên – fighting. A word of encouragement.
Hotboy/Hotgirl – The official word in VietNam for anyone who’s a hot top and sets trends; equivalent to the English terms “It” girls and “It” boys. -Vietchannel translation.

People to know:

Ngô Thanh Vân/Veronica – An actress and singer herself. She is the founder of VAA.

Gào – An author. You will see her around 365 a lot. She is their manager.


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